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Amanda36c (the one, the only)

Just some of my innermost thoughts and secret sexual desires and fantasies. Yeah, right! Actually, these are just raw ramblings from whatever happens to have crossed my mind at the moment. I welcome your afterthoughts. ;)
Sep 3 '13
"Be the change you want to see in this world"
Hi. I’m the camgirl next door. Show your support & help fund my project of getting live video onto my website.
Aug 9 '13

Bounce Rate

Keep in mind that  ‘Bounce rate’ represents the percentage of visitors who came but left rather than continue viewing more pages. This is important because it reveals a more truthful side to those inflated numbers.

These sites all drive traffic to Streamate and why promote just those 6 unless they are the largest contributors of traffic to the main site? Main site being, right? OK, let’s go with that.

Looking at the 1st one, shows a bounce rate of 73.80% and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why.

The 2nd one, is a little better, sitting at a 66% Bounce rate.

The 3rd, actually has an even lower Bounce rate, at 63.20%, but traffic has plummeted. Nosedived. Fuggitaboutit. Gone. Kaput. Done. Toast. The end. Game over.

The 4th, Youjizz’s Bounce rate is at 77.60% and traffic is dying. How does a site lose that much, that fast?

The 5th, Freeone Scams, oops .. I mean shows a Bounce rate of 37%. Well, compared to the others, that’s quite impressive. It’d be much more impressive I’m sure if there were actually traffic to it.

The 6th,’s ranking is not great but remains more stable than any of the others, with a low Bounce rate of only 35.90% (if you call that ‘low’ or compare it with their other sites).

As much as recruiters will try to convince everyone they are doing great or “some girls” are doing great, there are girls like myself who are willing to speak out because I have already lost all the traffic I can lose. Shitlisted would be a mild way to describe my standing. I went from being top 1st page to sliding down to bottom of 1st page within a 2 years period. Then, after a lengthy public argument with CatherineTayler, the wife of Streamate’s “creative director” (he’s the guy who promotes the girls on the site), my listing went from bottom of page 1 to bottom of page 2 within a 2 week period. Great job @streamate ! My revenues are now at 1/5 of what they used to be, with the same hours put in. Be proud of your accomplishment. It must feel great to have that kind of control over someone’s livelihood.

I have absolutely nothing to lose now. Most girls won’t speak out for fear that they will end up in my exact position, shitlisted. So here, I have done the talking for them.

- Amanda36c

Jul 27 '13

Rock Star Challenge

Do you know your classic rock? Take my challenge and you could win a FREE month’s membership to my site!

Jun 19 '13
myself - me (i)
Dec 31 '12

Anonymous asked:

Hi Amanda! Wheres the craziest place you have ever had SEX?! -Mikel

Hi Mike. Craziest place would probably have been on the train. I didn’t disppoint you, did I?

Dec 7 '12
Dec 6 '12
Dec 6 '12

Anonymous asked:

Wow, hi. I tuned in on slutload a while back and I've been coming on every night for a few weeks now. I'm a girl and I think that you're truly beautiful and pretty inspirational. You've made me want to be a camgirl because you seem so different than other ones. I mean it.

Thank you :)

Aug 27 '11
My boobies

My boobies

Aug 17 '11
Boobie pic from august 17th, just after midnight.

Boobie pic from august 17th, just after midnight.